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Venting Bathroom Fan Into Attic

venting bathroom fan into attic space

Introducing a washroom fan is significant in current homes to decrease over the top dampness that can make harm paint and dividers.

The roof or upper room is the best spot to run the fumes vent. One finish of the flex hose appends to the outlet in the metal box with a huge hose clamp. The opposite finish of the fumes vent will prompt an opening in the rooftop or the soffit.


There are a few kinds of fumes fans accessible. If it’s a basic fan, at that point you can utilize a customary light change to turn it on and off. If there’s a light and a radiator with the fan, at that point you should utilize three changes to control each. Some extremely decent triple switches function admirably for these kinds of installations.

Make certain to mood killer the breaker at the breaker box and ensure that other individuals in the house realize what you’re doing with power.

Suppose we’re wiring a light and fan mix. We can utilize a 12-3 NM sheathed link which has three wires and a ground wire. From the switch, we’ll have to have the circuit wires to give the power. We will run the 12-3 link from the change box to the fan. There will be a red wire, a dark wire, and a white wire, alongside a copper ground wire.

venting bath fan into attic

We’ll utilize a twofold switch that fits into one switch box. The 12-3 link that keeps running from the fan to the switch can be wired first. You should wire the red wire to one of the hot container screws on the switch. The dark wire can be associated with the other hot repository screw. These will, as a rule, be on a similar side of the switch.

The dark wire that originates from the power circuit will associate with the switch giving it control. The white wire from the circuit control and the white wire from the fan can be combined with a wire nut.

Fold the majority of the wires into the switch enclose and secure the switch place.

Next, you will wire the fan and light with the 12-3 link. There will be four wires with this apparatus. The red wire from the fan will interface with the red wire from the 12-3 link. There will be a dark wire from the fanlight. It will interface with the dark wire from the link. The white wire can be associated with the other white wire and the ground copper wire can be associated with the link ground wire with a wire nut.

Secure the fan set up with the connection screws.