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How to Install a Bathroom Towel Rack

how to install a bathroom towel holder

Introducing restroom towel racks are a serious straightforward procedure. In any case, remember that wet towels will swing from these racks, so they should be introduced to help the weight. Since the heaviness of a wet towel (additionally including hand washers and bathers) can be somewhat weighted down, it’s constantly imperative to drape one side of the towel rack on a stud, not simply the drywall.

This is likely the absolute most significant piece of introducing your towel rack. On the off chance that it’s overlooked, there’s a decent possibility the rack winds up dropping out, leaving a gap in your divider! This guide will share all you have to realize when you’re introducing your very own restroom towel rack.

The initial step is picking an advantageous spot on the divider to hang your rack. Ensure that nothing will disrupt the general flow, for example, the washroom entryway. Since you’ll be getting your towels when you’re leaving the shower, it’s ideal to have your towel rack by the shower or bath.


Continuously ensure that your rack is situated in a detect that won’t be presented to trickling water. Dribbling water will harm the rack and this is another approach to leave a gap in the divider. You’ll require a stud discoverer so as to find the nearest stud to your ideal area.

Continue running the stud discoverer here until you discover the stud. This will be the place you’ll balance one side of the rack, on the stud.

how to put up a bathroom towel rack

Since you’ve discovered an area, pick a tallness that is reasonable for the normal size individual (except if everybody’s very little or tall). In the event that it’s in a kid’s washroom, you might need to consider putting the towel rack on the lower side, except if you have a stepstool for the kid.

Since you’ve discovered an agreeable tallness, make a note on the stud utilizing a pencil. Continue by putting one finish of the towel rack on the imprint, while holding the opposite end on a flat line contacting the divider too.

Ensure you have a leveller to affirm it’s on a straight line by holding it over the towel rack. Proceed by stamping where each spot will be put, explicitly the gaps for the screws.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to penetrate a few openings. Take the drill and drill the screw gaps, where you’ve set apart on the divider. The openings as an afterthought inverse of the stud ought to be greater, so the grapples can fit. The grapples will give the additional help that the flimsier side needs. You can hold them up so as to gauge a precise size.

When you have those gaps set up, place the stays on the flimsier side. The stay will have a more extensive side and this side ought to face out. Now, you’ll have the option to put the towel rack in its ideal position and screw in the two sides.