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Bathroom Vanity With Legs

bathroom cabinets with legs

The minutest details can bring life to a bathroom. Bathroom vanities are some of the simplest furniture to install for their value in design. They do not only provide a whole deal of function, they also exude style and elegance. Specialty stores create scaled-down versions to be able to decorate even small and space-limited bathrooms.

Vanities can be multi-functional fixtures in the bathroom that store medicine, toiletries, towels, rugs, makeup and hairdryers or to hide trash bins and bathroom cleaning products. The cabinets and drawers will reduce, if not eliminate altogether the clutter usually found atop basin counters. By installing one, the bathroom can appear cleaner and more organized.

Fixtures such as these add beauty and color to an otherwise minimalist bathroom. A multitude of design options are available. Designs vary in style, color, make, size, dimensions and functional features.

bathroom cabinets with legs

For remodeling work in a small bathroom, a stand-alone single bathroom vanity with a basin and faucets is easy to add. For more space and leg room, single vanities can also be mounted onto a wall. A double bathroom vanity is a luxurious fixture for large bathrooms that can accommodate it and provides added convenience for couples, with a His and Hers section.

Apart from the variety in size to fit every kind of bathroom, bathroom vanities also differ in style. Polished wood with waterproof finishes display a traditional, aged beauty while synthetic makes sculptured with clean lines provide a more modern look. Vanities are customizable with an even wider selection for faucets, basins, mirrors and range hoods.

A bathroom vanity specialty company may help give ideas on how to upgrade the bathroom. These specialty stores usually hold a wide selection to make it easy for customers.

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